We are a professional architectural firm with over 30 years in business and licensed and registered to do business in the State of Pennsylvania.  As a member of NCARB we can obtain licensing and do work in any state in the Continental United States.   We specialize in Architecture that will enliven your environment for: Single family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, churches, offices, shopping centers, restaurants and industrial projects.
- Let us make your dream a reality.
Design Concepts 
We pride ourselves on unique and imaginative designs that incorporate all of the owners wants and needs into an architecturally pleasing finished product.  We believe in putting humanity back into architecture.
All projects are conceived by the architect in conjunction with the owner to  achieve architectural continuity,  and are a work of art for all ages.

Joseph J. Balobeck and Associates LLC
Architectural Design
200 Dinsmore Avenue, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15205